Stewart Crawford  —  CV  

P.O. Box 721, Fort Collins, CO 80522, USA
970 - 215 6203

Research Interests


Dartmouth College, A.B. in Mathematics (1977).
Summa Cum Laude, with Distinction in Major. Phi Beta Kappa. Rhodes semi-finalist.

Stanford University, M.S. in Operations Research (1978).

AT&T Bell Laboratories, M.S. course-work in Computer Science & Data Communications (1985).
Through Bell Labs' in-house technical education programs.

Colorado State University, Ph.D. in Computer Science (2003).
Dissertation: Machine Learned Boundary Definitions for an Expert's Tracing Assistant in Image Processing


Research Leader, BioGraphix, LLC, & Visible Productions, LLC, Fort Collins, CO. (1997 - continuing)
Research Assistant, Colorado State University, Fort. Collins, CO. (1992-1999)

New methods for development, presentation, optimization, and delivery of biomedical visualizations. Research projects in graphics & image processing, machine learning, and software engineering.

Consultant, Semantic Arts, Institute for Zero Defect Software (IZDSw), and Rocky Mountain InfoBahn. (1988-2009)

Technical training: Digital Imagery, Web Development, AI, and software engineering. Consulting, training, & implementation support for: technical reviews & inspections; process assessment; quality measurement, control, & improvement; reliability & requirements engineering; SOA re-architecting; testing automation; and technology transfer. Clients include: Washington State DoT, Motorola, Bell Laboratories, Israel Aircraft Industries, Avaya, Lucent, Hughes Aerospace, Unisys, Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautiques, StorageTek, Memorex, Ericsson, IEEE, and Software Quality Engineering.

Lecturer, University of Maryland - Europe (1990-91), and Colorado State University (1996).
Adjunct Faculty, Xavier University of Louisiana (1985-86).

Developed, delivered, & refined courses in the undergraduate programs of Computer Science and Information Systems.

Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Holmdel, NJ. (1977-1988)
Outstanding Achievement Award, (April 1984).

Defined, led and supervised independent assessments of R&D system development projects; developed, evaluated, and implemented both project-based and corporate- wide software quality control and assurance practices; analyzed, implemented, and taught Bayesian statistical techniques for factory quality audits; sponsored by Bell Labs for adjunct Computer Science faculty position (for 1985-86) at Xavier University.


Academia: Xavier University of Louisiana, University of Maryland - Europe, and Colorado State University. Creation, delivery, & refinement of undergraduate computer science & information systems classes in:

Corporate Training & Education: Creation, delivery, & refinement of seminars in areas of Digital Imagery, Web Development, Software Engineering (formal reviews, software QA, expert debugging, testing), Artificial Intelligence, and UNIX (for various corporate clients).  Organized and led seminars for IEEE's Software Engineering Standards Seminar program in Software Quality Assurance and Software Reviews & Audits. Co-developed and led workshops on Bayesian statistics for quality assurance audits in AT&T's manufacturing facilities.

Continuing Education: Taught 2-day seminars for Intro to PC's, Word Processing, and PC Security for U. of Maryland; developed and taught Basic Photography course for Bell Laboratories' Continuing Education Program.

Secondary Schools: Python programming in Physics, Geometry, and Calculus classes, Fort Collins CO; Frontiers of Science Institute, Greeley, CO; Mentor for independent studies, Fort Collins CO; Community tutor, Neptune N; Classroom assistant in mathematics, Hanover NH.

Experience Areas

Research Projects: Integrating CS into Secondary STEM. Biomedical visualization models and manipulations. Machine learning in image processing. Polygonal models to NURBS surfaces. Multi-grid Q-learning. Automation of software testing. Quality metrics for software development. Bayesian analysis of quality control data in manufacturing.

R&D Software: Developed facial feature manipulation application for doctors (Java, ActionScript, Python). Integrated machine learning methods into biomedical image processing tools (C, Java, Matlab). Designed & optimized statistical algorithms, a code analyzer, and graphics applications (C, lex) for Bell Labs. Created a Pascal Development Environment for CS classes. Ported/ran a large-scale linear programming software for Stanford's Environmental Modeling group. Developed & enhanced exploratory data analysis tools at Dartmouth.

Information Systems: Design & re-engineering of web sites. Consulting with Washington State DoT transitioning to bus-oriented SOA. Developed integrated, interactive office applications (order entry, sales analysis, accounts receivable, etc.) for a small marketing company, from systems analysis & design, through implementation & maintenance. Designed & implemented an entry, reporting, and analysis system for inspection data for IZDSW clients.

Process Improvement: Defined, led and supervised independent assessments of R&D development projects, providing improved software development methodologies within AT&T. Developed corporate QA metrics set for software projects within Bell Labs. Ongoing freelance consulting with various clients in process improvement strategy & training. Research in testing automation.

Project Management: Managed overall data processing operations for Lyle Foods. Supervised PC tool development group in Bell Labs. Participated in defining the best practices and training for Software Project Management across Bell Laboratories’ R&D management.

Professional Activities

NATO Advanced Study Institute: Selected participant for the workshop: Generalization in Neural Networks and Machine Learning, Cambridge, UK.

Summer Institute on Probability in AI, selected participant, Oregon State University.

ABET Program Evaluator, accreditation for programs in Computer Science and Information Systems.

Standards Development: Active participant in IEEE and ISO software engineering standards working groups developing standards and guidelines for Quality Assurance, Reviews & Inspections, Metrics, Project Management, and definitional issues.

Upsilon Pi Epsilon, Officer and Charter member, Colorado Beta Chapter at Colorado State University.

Member, New York Academy of Sciences, ACM, IEEE.

Research Support

NSF Phase I grant #0340214, PI: McCracken, Interactive Anatomy for Grade 7-12 Students and Teachers, dates of work 1/2004 – 6/2004, role: technical lead and developer.

NSF Phase II grant # DMI-0078774, PI: McCracken, Digital Cadaver – An Immersive Environment for the Direct Reconstruction of Anatomical Data Sets, 8/01/00 – 7/31/02, role: software implementation.

NSF Phase I & II grant # DMI-9901806, PI: McCracken, Complete software System for 3D Surface Modeling of Anatomy from 2D Sections, 8/1998 – 7/2001, role: project team manager, system integration, software development.

NSF Phase I grant # DMI-9860630, PI: McCracken, Fast and Accurate Nurbs Surfaces from Polygonal Mesh Models of Organic Structures, 1/01/99 – 7/30/99, role: Research Associate.

Colorado Advanced Software Institute, PI: Anderson, Semi-automated Boundary Tracing of Medical Images for Three-Dimensional Model Development, 9/1997 – 6/1998, role: implementation of my research/dissertation ideas.

NSF grant IRI-9212191, PI: Anderson, Multi-grid Q-learning, 9/1993 - 8/1994, role: Research Associate.


"Extending QuickTime’s Object VR Interactivity", Stewart Crawford, in preparation.

"ActionScript: A Gentle Introduction to Programming", Stewart Crawford & Elizabeth Boese, Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, v.21 #3, February 2006, pp. 156-168.

"Learning from the Expert: Improving Boundary Definitions in Biomedical Imagery", Seventh International Conference on Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems (KES 2003), pp. 653-659, Oxford, UK, September 2003.

Machine Learned Boundary Definitions for an Expert's Tracing Assistant in Image Processing (14 Mb), Doctoral dissertation, Colorado State University, Summer 2003.

"Dependency Analysis and Visualization as Tools to Prolong System Life," Dave McComb, Simon Robe, Simon Hoare, Stew Crawford-Hines, Proceedings of 26th International Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC 2002), pp. 463-465, Oxford, UK, August 2002.

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"An Analysis of Static Metrics and Faults in C Software", (with A.A.McIntosh, D.Pregibon), Journal of Systems and Software, vol 5, pp. 37-48, 1985.

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Alternative Energy Futures, study team report under contract to DOE and Argonne National Labs, Institute for Energy Studies, Stanford University, 1979.

Selected Presentations

Invited Talk, "Machine Learned Boundary Definitions... The True Story of A Trail Across the Ph.D. Plains", CSU seminar series, October 2003

Invited Talk, "Software Reviews & Audits", NSIA Sixth Conference on Software Quality & Productivity, April 1990.

Invited Discussant, "Software Metrics", session Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, January 1986.

Discussion Session, "Standards Implementation", session leader, consolidator, & presenter Software Engineering Standards Conference, October 1984.

Panelist, "Quality Assurance for Telecommunications Software", INFOCOM 84 Conference, April 1984.

Invited talk, "Software Quality Control & Assurance", International Communications Conference, June 1983, & Sandia National Laboratories, March 1983.

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